Justin Bieber shows off his neck tattoos singing!


Justin Bieber isn’t the one who wants to. The Canadian singer showed off his numerous neck tattoos while singing on Instagram.

Justin Bieber has many tattoos. The Canadian singer has therefore unveiled several on a snapshot of him singing, and the latter is magnificent.

Hailey Baldwin’s husband loves tattoos, so he recently proved it once again. The Canadian artist has made new tattoos on her neck.

And once again, he enlisted the help of artist Dr. Woo to do some pretty designs on his neck. The latter are also in homage to women.

Very much in love with his wife, he decided to have her engraved on his neck forever. Justin Bieber had a flower placed right next to another tattoo, with the inscription “Forever” on it.

A nice tribute to what he calls “the love of his life”. He made a first one last December, before adding one next door this summer.


Justin Bieber is therefore a passionate singer. Tonight, the artist will give a concert broadcast to his fans. On New Years Eve, and he posted several videos on Instagram.

The singer has put the dishes in the big ones and he’s been training day and night for the past week.

In the photo, taken by a professional, we can see the pretty rose drawn on his neck, embellished with the phrase “Patience”, which he added recently. A nice message, then, in a nod to the many years of suffering and questioning he went through with his wife.

Before getting a rose tattoo on his necessarily unpleasant neck, the singer was baptized, along with his wife, while diving in a lake, “one of the most special moments” of his life. And we want to believe it.


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