Justin Bieber shows off his awesome chest tattoos!


You would have to be blind not to see it; Justin Bieber’s entire body (or most of it) is covered in tattoos. Indeed, the Canadian singer has a real addiction!

The more, the better. If he’s only 26 years old, Justin Bieber can boast of having hundreds of tattoos. We can no longer count them as he has!

Indeed, the darling of Hailey Baldwin is a big aficionado of the needle. So, finding a small patch of bare skin on the singer’s body is a real challenge. Maybe on his legs?

Yep, the performer of “Yummy” inked all possible and unimaginable patterns on the skin. In her eyes, beauty and quantity come first. So some of them don’t even have meanings.

In fact, these tattoos are often the work of Doctor Woo. He is a tattoo artist well known in Los Angeles for the precision of his features and his style. So, a mixture of realism and geometry.

So the young man seems very proud of his body. Especially his chest, filled with drawings of all kinds. And as proof, he has just unveiled a new photo of him!


Thus, we can see Justin Bieber squatting. The Canadian singer wears only one pair of jeans. Enough to reveal his many tattoos on the chest. He’s really hot, isn’t he?

Moreover, the interpreter of “Baby” takes the opportunity to let his heart speak. In the caption of his publication, he wrote a very touching little text.

Justin Bieber says his tattoos are a way of communicating! Indeed, “music … ART and FASHION … all the ways in which I have been able to express myself … (…)”

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So, “I’m grateful that I had the chance to express myself. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to grow, to make mistakes and to learn from them. ” And you what do you think ?


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