Justin Bieber sang BTS fanchant on TikTok


Justin Bieber sang BTS fanchant on TikTok. The singer included the song of Spring Day in one of his most recent videos for this social network.

Justin Bieber has been very active on his TikTok account, showing a little of what he does while spending time at home during this quarantine, while also providing some entertainment for his followers who are probably somewhat bored at home.

The singer has shared videos lip – syncing different songs, dancing in his living room and even climbing on his furniture, but one of them involved the most popular boygroup of the moment.

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Leaning his face on his fist, Justin is sitting across from a table, and along with BTS’s Spring Day tune, a high-pitched voice appears singing the tune without lyrics, imitating the introductory sound of the song. Then the group’s fanchant begins to chant , so the names of the group’s members are listed one by one.

Justin accompanied the dubbing of this audio with a series of effects and also added a sticker with the text ‘Stay at home’, while we see him wearing a white sweatshirt and a cap, a fairly comfortable outfit to carry out the activities he finds at home. You saw the video? , we leave it to you next.

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