Justin Bieber reveals he has a serious illness: his moving testimony


Justin Bieber has just delivered a chilling testimony on social networks. Suffering from a serious illness, the singer is at its worst.

Justin Bieber has just confided a fairly heavy secret to bear. Suffering from a serious illness, the singer is at its worst.

The past few years have turned out to be pretty rough for Justin Bieber. The media had already forced him to take a step back from his career. Last September, he announced on social media that he had suffered from depression. “Sometimes you don’t want to live anymore,” said the 25-year-old singer. But this disease is actually linked directly to another. It’s Lyme disease.

Just recently, Justin Bieber was back with his latest single Yummy. The fans were very happy to find the voice of their favorite singer. But the latter has just revealed a heavy secret. Indeed, Hailey Baldwin’s husband suffers from Lyme disease, which is linked to the bite of a tick. Following this discovery, he then fell into depression. Today, he finally confides in his unhappiness.

“People say that I have a dirty head, that I am drugged … They do not realize that I was diagnosed with Lyme disease … But also a serious case of chronic mononucleosis which affects my skin, my neurological functions, my energy and my health… These last years have been hard, but following the right treatment to cure this disease will help and I will be back better than ever. Said Justin Bieber on Instagram.

Despite the gravity of the situation, some fans could not hold back their mockery. Justin Bieber’s wife therefore wanted to defend her husband by also posting a message on Twitter. “For those who are trying to minimize the severity of Lyme disease. Do your research and listen to the people who have been suffering from it for years. Mocking and belittling a disease you don’t understand is never good … “Courage Justin!


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