Justin Bieber reveals he doesn’t want to be a pastor!


Is Justin Bieber playing pastors? His fan community seems convinced that the singer will give up music and become a pastor!

It’s not the first time that a singer has wanted to become a pastor, after all. Did Justin Bieber plan to turn his back on music to become a man of the church?

As we know, Justin Bieber has faith and is not shy to show it to everyone. the young singer has also left a rumor hanging around these days.

He is known to attend a church, Churchome Church in Beverly Hills. Neither one nor two, the Web spread the rumor that he was studying to become a pastor.

After all, on his Instagram page, the Canadian is not shy about preaching the good word. Very spiritual, he often sends out vibrant messages inviting one to find God within oneself.

Add to that the fact that sweetheart Hailey Baldwin has over 150 million fans on Instagram. In short, this gives us a sacred Jesuit!

Page Six headlined one of his articles about his studying to be a pastor at Hillsong Church. On January 4, Justin Bieber posted a story that puts an end to the rumors.


“I’m not studying to be a pastor,” the 26-year-old singer said in this post. “Not for anything that comes close.”

Thus, Justin Bieber has no plans to convert to a clergyman, far from it. Another fake news for the Churchome parishioner in Beverly Hills, who has no connection with Hillsong Church.

Also, the “Baby” interpreter made it clear that he had no intention of becoming one. “I don’t want to, this is fake news.” Mass has been said !

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Still, Justin Bieber would not have been the first American singer to want to play the preachers. Kanye West also wanted to make Jesus his hobbyhorse through his masses.


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