Justin Bieber returns with “Changes”: He announces tour!


To the delight of fans, “Changes” arrives on February 14! For the occasion, Justin Bieber has announced a huge tour. Justin Bieber is back on the scene with Changes. Besides, the singer also announced a huge tour .

Justin Bieber made a big announcement to his fans. On his Instagram account, the singer therefore revealed the release date of his next album. In fact, Changes will be released on February 14 . Yes, the day of the lovers’ feast. It announces the color! A few weeks ago, the star had already made a gift to his fans. In fact, Justin had exposed Yummy. The title has also been a hit.

That’s not all ! Justin Bieber is very generous. To the delight of his fans, he made another announcement. Indeed, he also unveiled a new title . The song is therefore called Get Me . It is a collaboration with the famous Kehlali. What happiness!


Who says album, says tour. On the occasion of the release of his future album, Justin Bieber revealed the dates . So it was on Instagram that he just announced it. The Changes Tour is on. Besides, Kehlali will accompany the singer . However, it will not be present on all dates.

The fans are delighted. And for good reason, many concerts are to be expected . The first will therefore take place on May 14 in Seattle. Then he will tour North America. You will understand, no date is yet planned in Europe. What a disappointment … Internet users did not hesitate to react. “When are you coming to Europe? “,” When are you going to come to Enrope? I need to know, I need to see you live! It’s my current dream. To see Justin arrive in France, you will have to be still patient.