Justin Bieber reminds his fans to stay home on Instagram


Justin Bieber reminds his fans to stay home on Instagram. On his Instagram account, Justin Bieber has just reminded all his fans to stay home. As he has been doing for several days

For several days, a message has been circulating and must be respected by everyone: we must stay with us! Unfortunately, some people do not stick to it and Justin Bieber insisted on making a “call to order”.

To fight Covid-19, governments around the world have asked their citizens to stay homebound . This can prevent the spread of the virus. This is why, many stars of music, cinema, or sport, do not stop spreading the message to their fans. Justin Bieber never misses a day without asking his community.

A few hours ago, he proved it again by posting a photo on his Instagram account with the following message: “stay home” . You don’t have to be bilingual to understand the text.

Before that, Justin Bieber wanted to thank all the hospital staff who give their lives in an attempt to save as many people as possible from the virus. It is true that without them, we would already be lost …

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Although it has slipped in the past, it must be recognized that the behavior of Justin Bieber is exemplary about the Covid-19. Having people who ask their fans to stay at home helps spread the word.

This is why the artist never hesitates to do so and has therefore just proven it a few hours ago. But instead of insulting his followers who don’t follow his message, he tried to convince them with a rather funny drawing .

As you will be able to see below, the singer chose a drawing, filled with colors, of Greg Mike. In which we therefore see a house telling us to stay at home. Through the smoke from the chimney.

Certain parts of the house therefore have eyes and a mouth , just to make the content childish and fun. We hope this will be enough for Justin Bieber fans to understand his request.

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