Justin Bieber: release date, collaborations… Everything about his next album!


2020 seems to be the year of Justin Bieber, absent for many years the artist returns with a new album which promises to be “Yummy”!

Justin Bieber made a huge gift to his fans, in fact he announced his comeback five years after Purpose! His new album will arrive in early 2020, with a first title arrived this January 3 and entitled “Yummy”.

Indeed, Justin Bieber is back in force for 2020, moreover an album never arrives without a tour! So the fans will not have waited for nothing. Because it will be in Canada and the United States from May to September with about 50 dates. However, no outdoor concert has been announced. The opportunity for the artist to forget his last tour that he had to stop. It was in 2017, at that time he was suffering from depression. But since then he has drawn his strength from religion and from his wife Hailey.

So shortly after his marriage, he regained a taste for music and resumed his place in the studio. Even if he had made collabs during this absence, nothing beats an album! So this year 2020 promises to be a busy one for the young artist. For a good start, he unveiled his new single called “Yummy”, released on January 3, 2020.


Since Purpose in 2015, Justin Bieber has not released a record. So you might as well say that the fans had low morale. But here he is back with a tour and a documentary mini-series on YouTube. Whose goal will be to look back on the last 4 years of his life, which have not been the best. It will be available from January 27 on YouTube.

In addition, according to TMZ, Justin Bieber has worked with many artists. Such as Travis Scott, Kehlani, but also Post Malone for this new opus. Rumors have it that the album could be called “Forever”. About the date, it might be next March. So before his concerts scheduled for May 2020. For the moment we will have to be content with “Yummy”, as well as his clip.


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