Justin Bieber proud to pose with Anastasia Beverly Hills!


Singer Justin Bieber appears with Anastasia Beverly Hills on social networks! We tell you more. Justin Bieber poses with founder Anastasia Beverly Hills for an Instagram Story!

The singer has been very active on social media lately. Indeed, Justin Bieber shares his daily life with his many subscribers on Instagram.

Lately, he just posted a new Story on his official account. The young man is then seen striking a pose alongside Anastasia Soare.

“We stay treated with the best”. writes Justin Bieber on his Instagram Story. You should know that Anastasia Soare is the founder of the cosmetics brand Anastasia Beverly Hills.

We now know that the young man takes care of him. And for that, he surrounds himself with the one who, in his eyes, is the best in his field!


Thus, Justin Bieber reveals to his fans that he is a well-groomed person. You should know that the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand is well known for its eyebrow products.

You can’t imagine Justin Bieber putting on eyebrow makeup, but maybe he treated himself to hair removal? In any case we know that the young artist takes care of him.

Recently, his wife, Hailey Baldwin revealed on social networks the beauty routine of the young man. Indeed, the latter seems to suffer from adult acne.

She confided that her darling used to have beautiful skin. But that every now and then he had to deal with an acne breakout.

While in confinement, Hailey Baldwin explained that she took care of her husband’s skin. Indeed the young woman took off his buttons.

But she made him make beauty masks too in order to take care of her skin. Efforts that have paid off since today the skin of the young singer seems perfect.


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