Justin Bieber Promises To Launch New Album Before Christmas


Justin Bieber has used his Instagram account to make an incredible announcement, so it is that beliebers have been put to work to make this news come true. Wow!

What would be the ideal gift for a Justin Bieber fan? If you don’t know, maybe the singer does. After 4 years of the launch of “Purpose” in 2015, Bieber has not released new music, but everything indicates that he wants to do it, and the best thing is that it would be before Christmas.

The 25-year-old boy made this announcement using his Instagram account on October 27, where he asks his followers to share the post, like it and show it to everyone they know to make this possible.

The goal is that this publication reaches 20 million likes, he is really promising his fans that by achieving the agreed number of “likes”, he assures them a new album. What he means is that he was preparing new material throughout this time.

The point is that if his fans achieve the goal, he promises them an early gift from Santa Claus, if not, possibly in 2020 we have something new from the Canadian. OMG!

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