Justin Bieber: this photo that makes Drake very jealous!


No one is immune to being a fan, not even Drake! The rapper is indeed jealous of a photo that Justin Bieber posted on Instagram.

Exemplary big brother, Justin Bieber spoiled young Jaxon well this week. But he drew the wrath of Drake by the way! The rapper would indeed have liked to be at the party with the young men.

Justin Bieber’s little brother, Jaxon has probably been spoiled more than once in ten years. But the surprise his big brother held for him this week was special. The interpreter of “Sorry” introduced him to the players of the Toronto hockey team, the Maple Leafs. The singer has of course immortalized this meeting on his Instagram account. You can see, among other things, a charming photo of the two brothers standing in front of the players Tyson Barrie, Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews.

This is not the first time that Justin Bieber has spoiled his little brother. The singer had indeed offered to accompany him to the Grammy ceremony three years ago. Several photos of the two young men are also available online. They are obviously very close to each other.

The singer also posted a snapshot of him posing with almost the entire hockey team. He even states that some of them are childhood friends. Such a summit meeting could only spark the wrath of other sports fans. Starting with Drake! The Canadian rapper did indeed seem to be jealous of Justin Bieber. “Well, this guy didn’t even invite me,” he comments under the photo.

The rapper went so far as to share the latter in his Instagram stories. It looks like it’s mistaken for the shot Justin Bieber took. Yet there is a little difference. Indeed, Drake added a photo of him as a child! It remains to be seen whether the message went well? Will he be invited next time?


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