Justin Bieber offers an update to his relationship!


Justin Bieber posted a lengthy text on Instagram to explain his relationship to religion. Quickly discover all his secrets!

Justin Bieber shared his thoughts on religion on Instagram. The singer then explains how his faith allowed him to find inner peace. Rare confidences which therefore upset his fans.

Justin Bieber loves talking to his fans on Instagram. Indeed, the young man does not hesitate to reveal his moods on the famous social network.

Hailey Baldwin’s darling has never hidden his moments of loneliness and doubts with his followers. And the latter often speaks of religion and Jesus on his profile.

Indeed, Justin Bieber is very attached to religion since its difficult times. The latter therefore publishes many texts and even unveiled the images of his baptism a few months ago.

Yesterday, the singer decided to confide in his report to the church. He wrote a long text to explain his vision of things to his fans.

The young man shares a pretty picture of a landscape and explains: “A lot of people take me for a religious. But I am not. ”


Justin Bieber continues his reflection: “I think Jesus is the savior of mankind. That his love will change us ”.

But that’s not all ! The artist then gives advice to his fans: “My advice is to avoid religion and instead place our hopes on the one who sacrificed himself to give us eternal life.”

This outlook would have changed the life of Justin Bieber. He admits: “That’s what I believe and it gave me incredible inner peace.”

As always, the young man therefore challenged his fans with this message. While some seem to agree with him, others blame him for his religious speeches on Instagram. And you what do you think ?


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