Justin Bieber mansion becomes a meme


The funny comparisons were immediate, here are the best.

Justin Bieber is a very creative artist and apparently that same creativity has made him choose this great mansion .

The ‘Baby’ singer has become a trend on social networks, as one of his possessions is rated by netizens as ‘the ugliest house’ , the structure is a cylinder in the middle, the pool and other photos can be seen in the photos details like parking.

The memes and reactions were swift compared to a host of situations, such as that it was the work of some future architect, a shopping center or even a school of superheroes.

This same house was the one that Bieber rented for a period of one week to Meek Mill, well-known rapper, who is also his friend, who offered a party after the 2015 Grammy Awards, the property was unrecognizable, because of the intensity that the meeting got.

This mega house located in the city of Los Angeles, California is not his current address, since the singer now lives with his wife another of his properties in Beverly Hills , according to some sources.

The house was also used to record a music video for YouTuber, Jake Paul called ‘Everyday Bro’, which has more than 200 million views and is better appreciated aspects of the mansion .

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