Justin Bieber loves Billie Eilish’s new track “My Future”!


Justin Bieber just posted a new photo in his Instagram story. The singer unveils his new musical crush, the new title of Billie Eilish “My Future”.

Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish have had a very special relationship for several years. Indeed, the young woman has unveiled pictures of her very young in her room with posters of the rapper everywhere.

The singer has never hidden that Justin Bieber has been her idol for several years now. On a California radio show, she opened up about it.

“He was like my first love. It was the first person I fell in love with. And in my head, he was in love with me too. It was like a one-sided relationship. ”

“I was on the Ellen DeGeneres show, backstage and I was like ” Oh ‘. The first thing he sent me was a screenshot of a message I sent him in 2014… It was written ‘’ Hey Justin, I just wanted to talk. How are you? Please respond. ’’


Billie Eilish’s mother opened up about her daughter’s passion for Justin Bieber. “We were driving to the dance studio with Billie, that song was playing on the radio, she was sobbing, and on the way back, too, crying.”

“It was either Marina and the Diamonds or that, sobbing. But not just that, that was all Justin Bieber … Any Justin Bieber song, but I mostly remember this one, and the video, and Billie telling me about it. She was so excited that it made her cry and cry. ”

Before confiding: “Everyone knows about the thing between Billie and Justin Bieber, but his enthusiasm for this song was enormous. ”

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And so it would seem that this passion is reciprocal. Justin Bieber no longer hides his admiration for the singer. In an Instagram post, he just posted the new title of the young woman, whom he adores!


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