Justin Bieber is revolutionizing musical documentaries!


Singer Justin Bieber has revolutionized music documentaries with Never Say Never! We’ll give you more details.

Justin Bieber transformed musical documentaries with Never Say Never!

Ten years ago, we discovered the documentary by young Canadian Never Say Never. Since its release, musical documentaries have never been the same!

The feature film follows the actor at the height of his glory days. And the result is much better than many expected! A real success.

But thanks to this documentary directed by Jon M.Chu, we discover a new style of production. Moreover, we will find it in a large number of modern documentaries.

In Never Say Never, the viewer is immersed in the world of Justin Bieber. We thus discover extracts from his concerts, interspersed with off moments where the singer confides in his life.

Fans also have direct access to the backstage shows of their favorite idol. And it is this total immersion in his world that changes the game. Without surprise !

In this documentary, the viewer discovers the beginnings of Justin Bieber. So we are witnessing the creation of a starlet who began by posting YouTube videos of covers of other artists. Eh yes !

We then follow his career and how he became a true international icon. But despite all this fame, the documentary seeks to show that the young artist is just a teenager like any other.

The recipe works and the documentary is a hit. So much so that his model will be taken up by other musical documentaries. Eh yes !


Justin Bieber was therefore one of the first to offer this new documentary format. Now they all follow the same pattern. And we love it!

Namely, start with a flashback to the early days of the artist in question. We then show its evolution and successes. All mixed with scenes from everyday life where we can discover the artist’s relatives.

Often times, the singer returns to their hometown so that they can be discovered naturally with their family. And of course, don’t forget to end on a nice note. Eh yes !

Namely the success of a concert, for example. But while making viewers experience all the stress there is around this event! They therefore rely on transparency.

So that’s what you find in most musical documentaries. We think for example of the last Shawn Mendes, In Wonder released in 2020.

Or in Gims, also released last year on the Netflix streaming platform. The advantage of this kind of documentary is that the artist concerned is also involved in the production of the film. Eh yes !

So while the latest Justin Bieber documentaries show his moments of bewilderment, you should know that it is intended. Indeed, the artist himself decides what he wants to show his fans.

Thus, the young man shows his dark sides to his fans. But he still keeps control over what he reveals! Without too much surprise.


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