Justin Bieber is making fun of the release of a new album!


It’s official ! Justin Bieber has teased the release of his brand new album! And it is via his Instagram Story that the singer announced it!

Justin Bieber is ready to make 2021 a year full of music. The Canadian singer has unveiled a first teaser of his next album on Instagram.

After months of working in secret, the singer has unveiled a first glimpse of this next opus which promises to be rich … in voice. On the videos unveiled by Hailey Baldwin’s husband, the artist wants to deliver a strong message.

A few months ago, Evangelical Christian, the artist felt “ready” to take on the role of Pastor in order to preach the good word.

And to do this, he can count on the support of his wife, Hailey Baldwin. She works alongside him so that his desire to evolve in this environment is done as well as possible. But the beautiful kid doesn’t forget the music.

A few hours ago, already, Justin Bieber posted a first image on Instagram on which he wrote this. “I write songs about all the things I love about you.”


And since once is not usual, Justin reiterated a few minutes later in his Instagram Story. This time, he shared three videos.

So we follow him in the recording studio, with his whole team. As a caption, the singer wrote this: “I’m finishing my album, stay connected”.

As music, the latter therefore opted for his latest single, Anyone. The clip has been viewed by more than 42 million people since it was posted on January 1, 2021.

So what does Justin Bieber’s new album have in store for us? The singer who is very committed in all his lyrics should evoke strong messages such as love, abandonment, but also spirituality.

As of yet, he has not made any statement regarding the release of his next album. With Justin things can go really fast, so we stay tuned.


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