Justin Bieber is left alone on the beach to take a selfie!


Justin Bieber has been in a relationship for several years with Hailey Baldwin. The singer took a moment to go to the beach.

Justin Bieber needed to get away from it all. The singer went to the beach alone and took the opportunity to take some selfies.

For more than two years, Justin Bieber has been in a relationship with Hailey Baldwin. Everything went very quickly between them as they got married in the greatest secrecy. However, they waited several months to have their wedding ceremony.

The singer has always had a hard time managing his notoriety. Thus, he suffered from depression, but was able to count on the support of his wife. Hailey has become his mainstay and the singer seems appeased by his side. In fact, his wife helped him get his career back on track.

Justin Bieber has been on all fronts in recent months. The singer has released a clothing brand, which is called Drew. Then, he also released a new album not long ago.

Still, Hailey Baldwin’s sweetheart needs to get away from the world a bit every now and then. So, on Saturday November 14, he went to the beach alone and shared some photos.


The 26-year-old singer has given himself a little escape this weekend. Indeed, he has been to the beach in Santa Monica alone after eating at one of his favorite restaurants in Malibu. Justin Bieber wanted to relax a bit and climbed some rocks at the beach.

Justin Bieber took advantage of the beautiful surroundings and even stepped into the water, reports Daily Mail. However, he didn’t forget his fans as he wanted to share his lonely moment with them on Instagram.

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The singer had fun taking a few selfies of himself at the beach. So, we find him in a big black sweatshirt with yellow Drew pants and white sneakers. He wanted to be relaxed in order to walk in the fine sand, but also put forward his brand.

In any case, Justin Bieber seems to have had a good day. He sat for several hours at the beach, on his phone. Nevertheless, this good bowl of fresh air must have done him a lot of good!


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