Justin Bieber is grateful to be Nick Demoura!


On his Instagram account, Justin Bieber posted a photo where he told his fans that he was very proud to have Nick Demoura in his life!

Very active on social networks, Justin Bieber often shares his daily life with his fans. Recently, he also decided to pay a nice tribute to Nick Demoura. He also wrote her a very beautiful declaration of love.

This Thursday, November 12, Justin Bieber posted a new photo on his Instagram account. He appeared wearing a set with a green sweater and matching green shorts. To complete his look, he also opted for a yellow beanie.

But that’s not all. Justin Bieber appeared alongside his friend Nick Demoura. He also wanted to share a lovely message with her. In the caption of his Instagram photo, he also wrote: “Learn so much from this great man? Nick Demoura… thank u bro! “.

To translate as “I learn so much from this great man Nick Demoura .. thank you my brother! “. With his shot, he collected more than 641,000 likes in just two hours from his fans.


In the comments, Justin Bieber’s followers were keen to compliment him. Nick Demora also left an adorable response to the young man under this shot. He said: “Thank you bro! “.

Internet users are wondering what the singer plans to do with Nick Demora. Indeed, we are waiting to learn a little more about the artist’s projects. It will still take patience before finding out.

Regarding the plan to have a child, it is not for now. Indeed, while several rumors affirmed that Hailey Baldwin was pregnant, the latter wanted to set the record straight.

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