Justin Bieber is complicit with Hailey Baldwin!


Love is in the air ! Justin Bieber appears on his Instagram account ultra complicit with his darling Hailey Baldwin during a trip!

Love is in the air ! Justin Bieber appears on his ultra-complicit Instagram account with his sweetheart Hailey Baldwin during a trip!

New buzz on Instagram for our favorite couple goal which is followed by thousands of fans on the networks! Justin Bieber and Haily Baldwin went on a trip to the Tropics …

Today, on his Instagram account, Justin Bieber then unveiled a few exclusive photos of their vacation … But unfortunately, their destination is still being kept secret for the moment …


Just a few hours ago, Justin Bieber was all smiles next to his wife Hailey. On the tarmac, they are ready and happy to fly to a tropical destination they have been keen to keep secret.

“Life with you is so much better,” Justin wrote. Striking a pose, he shows us his slender legs in shorts while his wife exposes her sculpted stomach in a gray mini top.

A perfect outfit for long hours of flight, don’t you think? But where did they go? …

To prolong the suspense, the singer also posted a photo of him! We see him jump over a natural pool located in a rocky formation overlooking the sea …

And finally, he shows us a vacation photo of himself shirtless as he stood by the ocean next to Joe. Happy, the friends seem to be having a good time.

Indeed, Justin Bieber therefore spends a hot vacation in a mysterious place! Accompanied by his wife Hailey and boyfriend Joe Termini, their stay looks very, very promising!

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