Justin Bieber is coming out of silence and arguing!


On Instagram, singer Justin Bieber has just spoken about his arrest which took place 7 years ago! In 2014, Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami for drunk driving! An arrest on which the young man recently returned!

On Saturday January 23, 2021, Justin Bieber posted a photo of him being arrested by the police! A photo that is already several years ago! Indeed, at the time, the singer had pleaded guilty to impaired driving!

At the time, the artist’s blood alcohol level was below the legal limit … However, the artist had used marijuana and anti-anxiety drugs, according to urine tests.

So, at the time, Justin Bieber agreed to take 12 hours of self-control skills classes! The latter had also donated $ 50,000 to a charity.


In the caption of this photo, Justin Bieber wrote a long text to explain the context of this arrest which he bitterly regrets! “Seven years ago today I was arrested, it was not my best time. ”

Justin continued, “I’m not proud of that time in my life. I felt hurt, miserable, confused, angry, misled, misunderstood and angry with God. I also wore too much leather for anyone in Miami. “He joked!

“All this to say that God has guided me along a long road,” explains Justin Bieber. “From that point on, I realized something… God was as close to me as he is now. ”

“I encourage you to let your past remind you of how far God has brought you. Don’t let shame ruin your present. So let Jesus’ forgiveness take over. “


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