Justin Bieber is a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rupture”!


On his Instagram account, Justin Bieber has just proven that he is a fan of many films. In particular of “The Rupture” with Jennifer Aniston

If the Americans are not yet reconfigured unlike us, some are already starting to prepare. Nothing says that they will follow our example, but that does not prevent seeing them “copying” our habits for two weeks. Like watching series and movies for example. Proof of this is with Justin Bieber who has just revealed a passage that made him laugh a lot in “The Rupture”.

Of course, we didn’t wait for confinement before watching movies and series. But it is clear that this period allows us to see some classics that we appreciated.

Who hasn’t laughed to tears when they saw “The Breakup” with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn? Probably not Justin Bieber. Indeed, according to his last Instagram post, this is a film that rather marked him.

Because yes, between two live performances of his title 10,000 hours, the darling of Hailey Baldwin manages to find the time to watch feature films that he enjoys.

There is no doubt that, like Justin Bieber, you will soon be “The Rupture” again. History of being able to laugh despite the situation we are in.


Some may have never seen the movie we are talking about. For the latter, know that the script of the film turns out to be rather mundane:

“For Gary and Brooke, a simple bickering over a few dirty plates turns into an argument one night. And the argument turns to falling out. And the scramble at the break. One word too many, one hurtful sentence that we are too proud to go back to, and suddenly a chasm widens within the couple. ” Here is, to sum up, the story of the movie making Justin Bieber laugh.

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The script might be simple, but when actors like Vince Vaughn or Jennifer Aniston are in it, it makes it all the more hilarious.

For those wanting to know which passage of the film left its mark on Justin Bieber the most, it’s easy. Just see his latest Insta post. A post in which he revealed the moment he liked the most in the feature film.


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