Justin Bieber inspired Katy Perry for the project in style!


Katy Perry just made some funny revelations in an interview. She assures that Justin Bieber inspired her a lot for a project.

Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are very close. For several years now, the two singers have continued to support each other.

Indeed, a few years ago, Katy Perry did not hesitate to publicly defend Justin Bieber. The singer was strongly singled out by Taylor Swift. She kept attacking him in the media. And he obviously did not let it go and reacted too.

Katy Perry had therefore decided to stand up for her during her American Idol show. Indeed, his program sidekick Luke Bryan had told him then. “You defend Justin Bieber. You love Bieber! The singer then replied, “What I mean is he’s very talented!” ”

And since then, the relationship between Justin Bieber and Katy Perry is very solid. In an interview, Katy Perry even announced that the singer inspired her during a project.


And for good reason, in 2012, Katy Perry released the movie Katy Perry: Part of Me. A film that looks a lot like that of Justin Bieber, but also that of Madonna.

Questioned by Teen, the journalist then asks Katy Perry if Justin Bieber or Madonna inspired her for this new project. ” A little yes “.

Before continuing: “Madonna is everything to me. This movie is amazing because he took her at a time when she was a little more fragile. I wanted to do that too. Capture a moment of who I am now so I can remember what I lost if I ever got totally jaded. ”

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Justin Bieber’s girlfriend then adds about Madonna. “She was successful and everyone was interested because you never knew what she was going to do next. ”

“But everything she did was a solid product. I just hope to do the same. I hope to continue to interest people and I hope that in 10 years I will have written songs that have become hits. “


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