Justin Bieber in the arms of Hailey Baldwin!


Hailey Baldwin unveiled ultra romantic photos with Justin Bieber for Valentine’s Day. And his fans loved it! We show you!

Hailey Baldwin made a lovely declaration of love to Justin Bieber on Valentine’s Day! The star has unveiled a series of photos with the singer. And that’s adorable! We let you discover in the rest of the article!

Between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, it’s a tough affair! Indeed, the couple is still so close since their meeting! And they keep showing up together on social media!

The singer and the supermodel are now among the most glamorous couples on the planet. They fascinate internet users and keep generating the buzz with their beautiful love story!

Justin Bieber and his wife never hesitate to declare their love for each other in public. The lovebirds multiply fiery declarations of love, and improvise many couple shoots on Instagram. We love !

The famous duo also capsized the Internet on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Indeed, Hailey Baldwin took advantage of this important date to pay tribute to her man.

The pretty blonde has unveiled a series of unseen photos with Justin Bieber. It didn’t take more to panic the Internet!


Hailey Baldwin posted souvenir photos with Justin Bieber on her profile. We can then admire the couple in very romantic moments.

The pretty blonde first appears in her husband’s arms at the beach. But that’s not all ! She also reveals photos of her wedding, and vacation photos.

The it-girl takes the opportunity to make a pretty declaration of love to Justin Bieber. She writes in the caption: “So happy to be your valentine”. No doubt: the It girl is still in love with her man!

This pretty statement has melted the hearts of Internet users. It must be said that the two stars are adorable in all the photos!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin then garnered nearly 1.3 million likes with this Valentine’s Day post.

The lovebirds were also entitled to hundreds of compliments. “Couple goal”, “What a great story! “,” You breathe happiness! “,” Lots of great things for the future! You are perfect! »Can we read among the reactions!

So it’s a perfect match for the iconic duo! Once again, Justin Bieber and his wife got everyone okay with their photos! Like what, Internet users still do not tire of the duo!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin still have the perfect love for several years. And they don’t need Valentine’s Day to say “I love you” to each other.

The couple are therefore not done selling the dream to Internet users. At MCE, we can’t wait to see their next romantic photos. Not you ?


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