Justin Bieber in Billboard’s Top 10 Music of the Week!


Singer Justin Bieber is in the Top 10 sounds of the week on the Billboard charts! We tell you everything. Justin Bieber is in the Top 10 of the sounds of the week with two singles!

The week of January 15 will have been very beneficial for the Canadian singer. And the numbers speak for themselves!

Indeed Justin Bieber is found in the Top 10 of the best sales of single this week. The singer may even be very proud of himself.

Indeed, he is not in the ranking with a single but indeed two! We thus find him with his track Holy featuring Chance the Rapper at the 4th position. The artist unveiled this feat at the end of 2020.

But that’s not all. Justin Bieber is also 6th on the Billboard charts with his second single Anyone. This song also marked the start of 2021.


Justin Bieber therefore marked his comeback with his two titles ranked among the best sales of the week! In 2019, the actor decided to put his musical career on hold.

He wanted to focus on his marriage to Hailey Baldwin. On January 3, 2020 the artist unveils the first single from his new album Yummy.

On September 18, the Canadian singer unveils his clip Holy. The single marks a real change in his artistic career.

Today, the clip exceeds 109 million views on YouTube! Just that.

2021 will also be a busy year for Justin Bieber. In fact, he will begin it on stage in a virtual concert to celebrate the transition to the New Year.

On January 1st, he released his brand new single entitled Anyone. In fact, the young artist unveils the music video for his song the same day.

In less than two weeks, the video will be viewed by more than 40 million people! The single is also an extract from his next album. Case to be continued.


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