Justin Bieber: How does Hailey Baldwin get beautiful skin?


In an interview with Bazaar, Hailey Baldwin, wife of Justin Bieber, revealed some tips for perfect skin. A lot of times we wonder why stars, like models, have perfect skin and we just can’t. It helps a lot that they have the money to buy the best products. But Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber’s wife. Has another trick.

Indeed, our colleagues from Bazaar recently asked the pretty blonde a few questions. Just to have some beauty tips. It turns out that the beauty has a method of her own for having perfect skin.

Justin Bieber’s wife, for example, letting it be known: “My skin feels a lot better when I’m in the ocean.” Before adding: “Salt water is the best skin healer for me. And I have found that nature can be the most soothing for my sensitive skin. ”

Thanks to this, the pretty blonde therefore has sublime skin. But in addition to that, she would also use products “from our planet Earth”: “My philosophy of beauty consists in finding clean and nourishing products. With ingredients from the Earth that are backed by science ”.

But to display such clear skin, and feel just as good about her body, Justin Bieber’s wife also follows a special diet.


The beauty still admits using products sold in pharmacies: “I love the new bareMinerals AGELESS collection. With herbal phyto-retinol. It’s much gentler on my skin. I love the face and neck duo. ”

Getting back to the special diet we were talking about, know that Justin Bieber’s wife tried it while in lockdown: “I tried a plant-based diet for two months in my quarantine. I felt good and had a lot of energy, but it wasn’t for me. ”

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Indeed, the fact of eating “only plants” does not seem to have pleased him: “I do not eat strictly plants. I always eat meat. I don’t eat a lot, but I do. ”

Now you know some tips from Justin Bieber’s wife to get clearer skin and feel better.


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