Justin Bieber: his ex Sahara Ray disfigured after a dog bite!


In her Instagram story, Justin Bieber’s ex Sahara Ray said she had her face disfigured after a dog bite. Animals must be protected and most want us well. However, we need to be careful with some of their behavior that can be violent towards us. It is probably not Sahara Ray who will say the opposite. Justin Bieber’s ex having been able to see his disfigured face after a bite.

If some are wondering what we are talking about, maybe a little bit of info would help you know who it is. The young woman in question is actually a model with whom Hailey Baldwin’s husband had a history of months.

But it was also because of a huge controversy that the two were talking about them. Blame it on pictures in which Justin Bieber and his sweetheart at the time appeared naked. It didn’t take less for the fans to be shocked, as Closer says:

“I miss the old Justin Bieber who respected himself enough not to undress in front of the cameras in the movie Never Say Never. I don’t even want to see the censored photos, just delete Justin Bieber from my thread ””. So let most Internet users know.

Following this, Justin Bieber and the young woman flirted for a few more months before separating.


Well, as we were telling you, it’s not because of a new relationship that the young woman is talking about her again. Indeed, this is a more serious event in which the model could have lost her face.

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But in the end more fear than harm. Since Justin Bieber’s ex took to his Instagram account recently to give some info on this. The latter, declaring:

“There is basically only a small scar now, but that’s what it looked like when it was sewn up and it was extremely swollen.” Unfortunately, the video has since disappeared.

So we cannot know what the injury to ex-Justin Bieber looked like. But no doubt it was not very nice to see at the time …


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