Justin Bieber: Hailey Baldwin sports with her dog!


Hailey Baldwin loves sports. Justin Bieber’s wife has been spotted doing pilates with her adorable dog. Hailey Baldwin has always been a sports fan. Justin Bieber’s wife continues to train to keep fit, and it shows.

The DailyMail got their hands on pictures of Hailey Bieber in the middle of a shoot. Well in her body, the supermodel decided to maintain physical activity despite the pandemic.

And for this, the young woman can count on her great friend Zoey Deutch. The actress trains regularly with the American model.

The two young women are very good friends. So they made an appointment this weekend for a fitness session with the girls.

On the day’s program: stretching, but also pilates. In a snap shared by Zoey Deutch, Hailey Bieber is working out and her adorable fur ball is in the game.


Justin Bieber’s wife trains several times a week to maintain her figure. On a video unveiled by Zoey Deutch, we see Hailey in action.

The pretty blonde wore a beautiful gray sports jogging, which put her curves forward. Her little dog Oscar was also on hand to train with her cute mistress.

Hailey Balwin has always watched her diet. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Justin Bieber’s wife revealed her eating routine.

“So I tried to follow a diet while in confinement. I don’t usually eat a lot but I have tried fish, vegetables and lentils, ”she said. And that’s not all !

The young woman said that it was extremely hard for her to stop working, both physically and emotionally. “I have never stopped playing sports and training because it is too important for me,” she concluded. And we understand it!


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