Justin Bieber had success with his TikTok concert!


To everyone’s surprise, Justin Bieber gave a concert on TikTok. And the least we can say is that it was a full box.

Justin Bieber gave his fans a big surprise. Indeed, he then gave a concert on TikTok. It was then a huge success.

Since very young, Justin Bieber knows a great notoriety. And for good reason, his musical career has nothing to envy to the greats of the song. It must be said that his titles have become key pieces.

In short, the handsome singer seems to have understood everything. Besides, he is very close to his fans. On his social networks, he does not hesitate to share moments of his life.

In fact, since the beginning of his romance with Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber has not been hiding. Between declarations of love and a dream vacation, nothing is too private for her loyal fans. Enough to shake the social networks then.

In addition, the ex-darling of Selena Gomez continues to surprise the Web. So on Valentine’s Day the young man prepared a big surprise. And his fans were very excited.

Indeed Justin Bieber then announced that he was going to give a live concert on Tiktok. Fans of the handsome brunette were therefore the happiest in the world. Thus, the event was a great success.

Justin Bieber achieves huge success with his TikTok concert!


With this context of health crisis, concerts cannot take place. All music fans are therefore disappointed. Thin !

In addition, the artists must be very frustrated not to go on stage anymore. In short, the situation is really not easy then.

Justin Bieber therefore had a great idea. He gave a concert from his home on TikTok. And this one broke all records. Not bad !

It must be said that the platform is really the place where everything happens. So the artists got down to it. In fact, Miley Cyrus also hosted a virtual concert for the Super Bowl final.

It seems that this idea inspired the performer of “Baby”. And since he’s a true romantic, what could be better than a concert on the night of the lovers’ day?

This show was therefore a great success. In addition, Justin Bieber took advantage of this moment to confide.

He then explained, “I’m happy to bring this show to life. “Journals” is one of my favorite projects and I have never performed it live. ”

All of his fans answered the call. And for good reason, 4 million people were present on this live. Thus, Justin Bieber created the most watched performance in TikTok history.

So this is a new record for the young singer. But, it may well be that Justin Bieber still has plenty of ideas in mind. To be continued.


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