Justin Bieber flaunts with his nephew and melts the web!


Justin Bieber has just cracked his community. On Instagram, the singer shared an adorable photo of himself with his nephew.

It’s no secret Justin Bieber is very family! This Monday, January 12, the star has also published a sublime photo of him with his nephew.

To this day, who does not know Justin Bieber ?! Passionate about music from an early age, he learned various instruments on his own. Like the trumpet, the piano but also the guitar.

Sensing that her son had great potential, his mother then started posting multiple videos of him on YouTube. The rest, you know it!

Her cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” just got her career off the ground. Spotted by Usher, he subsequently signed with Island Records and it was the start of a meteoric rise.

We can no longer count his hits, his featurings with the biggest stars! And every time he embarks on a new tour, all of his concerts are sold out.

Like you, Justin Bieber is also very active on his social networks! On Instagram, the “Yummy” performer has more than 158 million followers.

Being very close to her followers, the star enjoys sharing her daily life with them. This year because of the pandemic, the singer has seen many of his projects canceled.

He had to postpone the dates of his “Changes Tour” to the chagrin of his fans. In the meantime, Justin Bieber has made the most of his loved ones for the holiday season.

And obviously, some members of his family miss him terribly. Yesterday, the singer posted an adorable photo on his Instagram account. The proof in pictures!


As you can see, Justin Bieber showed off a cute photo of him and his nephew. Totally gaga of the latter, the “What Do You Mean” singer seems to be about to give him a series of kisses.

“I miss my nephew”, captioned the star in his post which made its small effect with Internet users. In just a few hours, her post garnered over 1 million likes.

And in the comments thread, compliments are coming from all sides. ” Too cute. He is too cute, ”we can read under the singer’s photo. But also: “Oh your nephew is too handsome”.

On a daily basis, Justin Bieber is very family! He hopes one day to have a host of children with his darling Hailey Baldwin.

On the Web, his admirers often let him know that they dream of seeing him pamper! But one thing at a time.

The singer also delivered his feelings on the set of Ellen DeGeneres in 2019.


“I’m going to have as many babies as Hailey wants,” Justin Bieber told the celebrity host. But also: “I want to have my tribe, but it’s her body and Hailey will do what she wants (…)”.

He concluded, “I think there are things Hailey still wants to accomplish as a woman. And I don’t think it’s ready yet. ”

A carefully considered reflection. And his words which were greeted by his entire community!


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