Justin Bieber flaunts his mask and slippers on the streets!


Justin Bieber shows up! The Canadian singer publishes an improbable photo in story … In slippers in the street, quieter than ever.

Justin Bieber relaxed like never before! The Canadian singer is posting a story on Instagram … and does not hesitate to appear in a Sunday outfit. In slippers and sweatshirt: he looks very happy!

Because we don’t really understand how he got there… but the Canadian has a rather unusual look. He often publishes very stylish photos, with a nice look. But that was not the goal!

We also remember his photo in Crocs … the brand had also exploded on the stock market just after the Justin Bieber story. So you have to imagine the fallout on the slippers and the sweater he wore yesterday!

On Saturday, the Canadian obviously decided to rest. But in the middle of this quiet little weekend, he still gives his news to his fans… Or at least, he publishes a little story.

So he decides to show off in the middle of the street, with his casual outfit. Slippers with emojis on the feet, a Warner Bross sweater with Bugs Bunny headlining: Justin Bieber stays stylish, even like that!


Masked, hair in disarray, the singer therefore poses in a tracksuit in the street. A rather funny photo that he takes on fully … But he pleases his fans by not taking himself seriously!

Justin Bieber therefore gives an info to his subscribers. When the weekend arrives, he does like everyone else. He wears his most comfortable clothes and doesn’t hide it. We can easily feel the weekend under the blanket with Netflix …

A rather funny moment and without fuss, therefore, for the Canadian. We would also have liked to see the other side of the device. Because Hailey Baldwin is probably not for nothing in this story …

Justin Bieber therefore starts 2021 quietly. After saying goodbye to 2020 in concert, he begins the year with the release of Anyone. But especially with slippers on the feet …


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