Justin Bieber farts a cable against journalists on Instagram!


Justin Bieber doesn’t understand why journalists use the same photo of him in their articles! He complains about it on Instagram.

Justin Bieber just got a kick out of Instagram. The very famous singer therefore does not understand why journalists use the same photo of him all the time!

Very close to his audience, Justin Bieber therefore does not hesitate to share and discuss with him through social networks. And the latter is delighted!

Thus, the interpreter of Come Around Me reveals his daily life for all to see and invites his many fans to discover his world.

What they do with joy! As a result, the sweetheart of Hailey Baldwin has a very good score of 151 million subscribers on Instagram. Just that !

On the evening of November 19, Justin Bieber then gave a rant in the story. The singer farts a cable against journalists!

If he prefers to laugh at the situation, he still seems very annoyed.


Yesterday, Justin Bieber therefore sent a little message to journalists on Instagram. He does not understand their working method …

Indeed, when he types his name on Google, the articles about him all have the same photo! However, the singer has changed a lot since.

And he doesn’t really seem to like his look in this shot… Bleached hair and a not very well-cut mustache, he doesn’t recognize himself!

Justin Bieber then advised reporters to use other images of him to illustrate their stories. According to him, there are hundreds of them on the Web!

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Okay, don’t worry, the very famous Canadian singer isn’t really upset. But all the same! This situation seems to annoy him a little.

We let you discover his story!


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