Justin Bieber and a fan without clothes are in live broadcast


Justin Bieber and a fan without clothes are in live broadcast. The Canadian singer has been very active on his social networks.

Now that everyone is safe in their homes, the ‘Confident’ singer gave his fans some surprises by interacting with them a bit.

Justin Bieber is at home waiting for the COVID-19 quarantine to pass, he has shared that he is making new music, very inspired, even on his social networks he has been very active .He has also posted some video of his fans dancing to some songs from TikTok, where he is constantly posting content, promoting the #ComeAroundMeChallenge with a nice choreography.

During a live broadcast with her fans on Instagram , she had a slight inconvenience, as she received an invitation from a follower to join the massive conversation , but she was indisposed and in the eyes of viewers .

The moment was captured since the screen of his cell phone, this was divided into two for the other person to introduce himself, but only a dimly lit room was seen and the singer can only say ‘Why are you hiding?’.


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