Justin Bieber declares Christmas caroling season open!


Justin Bieber has concocted a little surprise for his fans. On the Web, he unveiled a nice title to celebrate Christmas with the family!

Justin Bieber is ready to celebrate Christmas already. Via his Instagram account, he shared a headline that may be all the rage for the holiday season.

More and more of you are following Justin Bieber’s crazy adventures on Instagram! On this social network, he can boast of having an incredible community with his 150 million subscribers.

On the Web, the singer shares everything! A true marketing pro, he loves to tease all his upcoming projects.

Lately, Justin Bieber has been all the rage with his new Crocs from his Drew House brand. And he could also count on his darling Hailey Baldwin to advertise him.

As for the heart, everything is rolling for the lovebirds! Inseparable, the two stars love to immortalize their bond to the delight of their fans.

You could even say that the supermodel is the muse of the “Yummy” performer! Through various interviews, the latter continues to compliment his wife. To believe his words, their marriage has calmed him enormously.


This year because of the pandemic, Justin Bieber has seen many of his projects put on hold. However, he continued to feed his Instagram feed to reassure his fans.

Like you, the star is certainly hoping that 2021 will be better than the last. So to end the year on a high note, Justin Bieber has prepared a little surprise for his subscribers.

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Through an Instagram post, he teased his track “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” to listen exclusively on Amazon Music. In any case, the 3D character of Justin Bieber presented in the video was all the rage on the Web.

“I love it, can’t wait to listen to it on repeat”, we can read under the singer’s publication. But also. ” Unbelievable ” !


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