Justin Bieber dares to look casual for the weekend!


Justin Bieber has just unveiled his very atypical look of the day via his Instagram story! Indeed, the man had a rather original outfit!

It’s no secret… Justin Bieber has a dressy look to say the least! Thus, the singer has once again proven it by revealing his look of the day on Instagram!

This Sunday, January 24, 2020, Justin Bieber surprised his subscribers by sharing his Sunday look for the less amazing! Indeed, the young man was not afraid to dare to mix several colors!

Thus, in the photo in question, the 26-year-old singer wore a brown fur coat, pink pants and white high-top sneakers! An assumed color association!

We therefore invite you to admire the shot in question below! This is of course a screenshot of handsome Justin Bieber’s Instagram story!


Today Justin Bieber posted a photo of his arrest 7 years ago! Indeed, the man had been arrested for impaired driving! So the handsome Justin accompanied this photo with a long text:

“Seven years ago today I was arrested, it was not my best time. Justin added, “I’m not proud of that time in my life. I felt hurt, miserable, confused, angry, misled, misunderstood and angry with God. I also wore too much leather for anyone in Miami. ”

“All this to say that God has guided me on a long road,” Justin Bieber concludes. “From that point on, I realized something… God was as close to me as he is now. ”

“I encourage you to let your past remind you of how far God has brought you. Don’t let shame ruin your present. So let Jesus’ forgiveness take over. “


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