Justin Bieber confined: he sings “Baby” completely crazy!


Justin Bieber has always been a comedian at heart! He posted a very strange video that cheered up his fans.

In this period of confinement linked to the coronavirus, the citizens of the world are not in high spirits! The spread of the coronavirus is such that it has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.

To date, more than 2.4 million people have been infected. The numbers are alarming! And that’s not all ! There have also been 167,000 deaths worldwide.

At the moment, it’s not so easy to see the end of the tunnel. But that will not be long! This is why many celebrities like Justin Bieber have decided to entertain their community.

Starting with Cristiano Renaldo. The young footballer has accumulated sports challenges on Instagram. And he never stopped helping the most needy. He even allowed patients to be treated in better conditions.

Same thing for rapper Jul who made several donations to French hospitals. Symbolic gestures which have therefore multiplied over time. And across the continents.


Other stars have a different way of being there for their fans. Some therefore do not hesitate to entertain their community on social networks.

This is the case of Vanessa Hudgens who made a big surprise to her fans. So she took over the song from High Shool Musical 2 on her Instagram account.

A film in which she played the role of Gabriella. Internet users were therefore very happy.

And this happiness intensified on Tuesday April 21 thanks to Justin Bieber. The young singer therefore sang his famous hit “Baby” … But in a very strange way!

And for good reason ! He used a very funny filter that changed his voice. But also his face. And the result is quite surprising.

Because despite the strange side of the video, the voice of Justin Bieber is still so beautiful. The singer therefore remains charismatic!


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