Justin Bieber confides in his illness: “I shouldn’t be alive”

attends the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

A few months after having made his illness public, Justin Bieber spoke again on this sad subject in an interview.

It’s the American magazine Variety that Justin Bieber has decided to confide on Lyme disease. As the singer prepares to release a new album, he gave an interview full of emotions . A documentary on his life will also be released. YouTube will be the first.

The celebrity press is making a splash with Justin Bieber’s disease . The singer therefore had to clarify the situation. And it was to Variety magazine that he entrusted all the details. As a reminder, it can be contracted after being bitten by an infected tick . He had already revealed at the beginning of the month that he was getting better. This followed difficult years. This time, he specifies that his illness is incurable.

” I don’t think I should even be alive,” said Justin Bieber on Thursday. He adds that he was ” hurt by the industry ” and ” the people ” with whom he worked. Variety also points out that he ” did not know whom to turn to or whom to trust during this difficult period ” . He then confides that he called on Scooter Braun. This is amazing news when you know that it is the manager with whom Taylor Swift went to war!

Evangelist, the singer also wanted to say thank you to God. His faith would have allowed him to get out of his depression . ” There is power in weakness, ” he says.

Since the news of the sad news, Justin Bieber has been feeling better . He also released a single called “Yummy” . Youtube has also produced a documentary which it will star. ” Maybe by looking at this, people will have an idea of ​​what my life is,” he concluded.

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