Justin Bieber chante avec Hailey Baldwin « I Will Always Love You » (VIDEO)

The couple formed by Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin continue to ignite the canvas. Confined, the two lovebirds took over the song I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.

Containment, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber live it rather well. Reclusive in their Californian villa, the two lovers therefore know how to occupy themselves.

Very active on social networks, the two lovebirds share their daily life with their subscribers. And they have something to eat.

A few days ago, the two lovers were having fun playing board games. A crazy evening that Justin Bieber shared on his Instagram account.

And when the couple isn’t playing, they watch Netflix. With his large catalog of series, Justin and Hailey have something to do. Not long ago, they started the Friends series…

Another activity of the two lovebirds: music. Both artists, Justin and Hailey have shown their community the full extent of their musical talents.

For this, the Canadian and his wife took over the song I Will Always Love You from singer Whitney Houston. A nice moment of sharing, therefore relayed on Instagram.

The singer who made himself known thanks to his covers that his mom posted on social networks has proven that even in quarantine, his vocal cords had remained intact.

The song is ambiguous since it therefore speaks of … love. The main theme of Justin Bieber’s latest album, Intentions.

Faced with this sweet statement, Internet users were quick to react. All are fans of Justin and Hailey’s relationship. It must be said that the couple seems stronger than ever.

Confinement is therefore a way for them to show those who do not believe in their marriage that love surpasses everything. Always !

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