Justin Bieber changes his Tour 2020 due to the coronavirus


Justin Bieber changes his Tour 2020 due to the coronavirus. The singer has suffered the consequences of Wuhan’s disease.

Justin Bieber made his return to music with his album ” Changes “, the singer has conducted several interviews and has promoted singles like “Yummy”, also announced a tour of the United States to promote his new work.

However, the singer is one of the celebrities affected by the current coronavirus , a disease that has infected thousands of people around the world, this is what will happen with his tour.

According to the TMZ portal , Justin and his team have decided to modify some of the dates they had scheduled, all to prevent further spread of the virus and put their followers at risk. Fortunately for the Beliebers, the singer will not cancel the dates, but decided to modify the venues of some shows.

There is currently a great concern for the large crowds of people, Justin had planned to make a great tour with full stadiums, but is forced to reduce the audience of events to Arenas, because people could be afraid of getting the disease.

With this measure, Justin’s concerts are expected to be successful and ticket sales will not be affected by the absence of fans in the face of a possible pandemic.


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