Justin Bieber celebrates Christmas with Hailey Baldwin!


Justin Bieber has unveiled several pictures of him and his darling Hailey Baldwin in the middle of a romantic walk to the beach for Christmas!

Justin Bieber spent Christmas with his sweetheart Hailey Baldwin! Indeed, on D-Day, the couple even enjoyed a romantic stroll to the beach!

This Saturday, December 26, 2020, Justin Bieber caused a sensation on Instagram! Indeed, the 26-year-old artist posted two sublime photos of him and his sweetheart at the beach while we could see a magnificent sunset!

A post that the handsome Justin captioned while making a beautiful declaration of love to his sweetheart! Indeed, here is what the singer wrote: “What could be better than spending Christmas with the love of my life.” I’m so obsessed with you it hurts me lol. ”

A declaration of love that has touched Justin Bieber subscribers! Indeed, Internet users loved this publication which already has more than 4 million likes on the social network!


Like every one of Justin Bieber’s posts, Internet users have reacted en masse to the latest post from the “Yummy” performer! Indeed, the comments already number in the thousands …

“So beautiful both of you, Merry Christmas to my favorite couple! “” I don’t know what’s more beautiful: the sunset, or you two? Happy New Years to my favorite duo, Justin and Hailey! ”

Or: “Justin Bieber is so in love with his wife, it’s heartwarming!” We can read on the social network of the handsome blond!

A post from Justin that we invite you to admire in turn below! Warning the eyes…


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