Justin Bieber Begins Campaign to “Change the Mental Health Talk”


Singer Justin Bieber, who has been struggling with depression in recent years, has partnered with the nonprofit Active Minds to “change the conversation about mental health.” The first step was taken on Tuesday (12/11), with an Instagram post kicking off a campaign called #hugmore.

“It is proven that a hug reduces stress and makes you happier. Share your hug photo using the hashtag #hugmore, ”wrote the singer.

On the Active Minds official website, there is a text encouraging the power of connection through the hug – a simple gesture and an accessible path to a moment of self-care. “The truth is, sometimes a hug just isn’t enough. It’s time to change the mental health conversation and be ready to respond when a friend says he’s having trouble, even when he needs more than a hug, ”says the NGO.