Justin Bieber asks for Instagram likes in exchange for new album in 2019


Justin Bieber may be really preparing or new or just fanning the fans. After the singer and friends shared the word “yummy” on social networks, Beliebers finally began to speculate a return to music soon and possibly a correlation of the word with some new single. Now, Bieber wants likes.

On the night of Sunday (27), he returned to Instagram and published a request in the feed: “if this has 20 million likes Justin Bieber will release an album before Christmas.”

In 11 hours, the publication got 6 million likes. Among the likes are names like photographer Alfredo Torres, producers DJ Khaled, Poo Bear, the iHeart Radio conglomerate, singer Jaden Smith, Def Jam record label and even our Priscilla Alcântara – which summed up very well what fans are thinking. at the moment: “beloved only launches for freshness (with love)”.

Since we have no idea what’s coming, better give it a thumbs up to be sure.

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