Justin Bieber: 2020 People’s Choice performance!


Last night, during the Justin Bieber’s on stage at the 2020 People’s Choice Awards, Justin Bieber put in a touching performance.

So the 2020 People’s Choice Awards ceremony took place last night in the United States. An exceptional evening during which your favorite stars were rewarded.

And between two awards, some artists have therefore made the trip to perform their greatest hit. Among them, singer Justin Bieber.

The multi-award-winning artist has therefore agreed to come and perform on the legendary PCA stage. Where he received a plethora of awards. So Hailey Baldwin’s husband decided to do a private concert for his fans.

On stage, Justin Bieber therefore performed a touching performance on Lonely, his latest hit, therefore, alongside Blanco. And the least we can say is that the emotion was there.

Alone on stage, Justin Bieber therefore delivered a sincere and authentic performance, as usual. On social networks, the Canadian shared his performance with his fans.


Since one performance often hides another, Justin decided to give his fans another performance. After Lonely, the latter returned to the stage to sing Holy.

The Canadian singer took off his jacket and got changed. Very quickly. The star was dressed all in white on the huge PCA stage.

Although the song is a duet with Chance the Rapper, Justin took the stage alone, therefore. On social networks, his fans have widely shared his performance, therefore.

A few hours before taking the stage, Hailey Baldwin’s husband therefore shared his backstage rehearsals with his fans. For the People’s Choice Awards, then. “All my life I have known that my duty is to entertain. I was offered these skills that I wanted to show. My heart, as I get older, I ask God to perfect my heart, ”he wrote.

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