Justice League: watch Snyder Cut trailer with new footage


Justice League director Zack Snyder used his official Twitter account to release the first trailer for the new version of the film. The Snyder Cut, as this new cut is being called, will be launched directly on the streaming HBO Max in 2021.

Through the released trailer, it is already possible to view and perceive some unpublished scenes. These scenes were filmed during the production of the feature, but for some reason they had to be cut from the final version released in theaters in 2017 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Watch the trailer released by Snyder:

Because of the release of the Snyder Cut, many fans of DC films are already speculating whether Warner Bros. Pictures will again invest in new projects involving the group. Some already speculate that Zack Snyder is taking advantage of the hype surrounding this new version to produce a new sequence.

However, Snyder, in several interviews and official statements, denied the hypothesis, saying that the possibilities of something like this happen are very far from reality. Even though he was calm about it, the filmmaker also said that he would find it incredible to direct new films by the group.

The Snyder Cut will be about four hours long. The idea is that it will be released in parts on HBO Max. That way, each part would be shown in an hour. The new version of Justice League will feature parallel stories of the characters, including previously commented scenes.

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