Justice League: Warner manager Joss Whedon criticizes


The Justice League cut led by Joss Whedon was criticized by a member of the film’s production. In this case, an anonymous Warner Bros. executive. revealed to Vanity Fair that everyone in the studio knew that the version finalized by the director would be a “bomb”, which resulted in failure at the box office and widely criticized by the public and specialized media.

“It was amazing when we saw the result. The thief on the roof [in the opening scene in Gotham] was so silly and horrible. [Inserting the plot] the Russian family [in the main battle region of the feature film] was useless and meaningless. Everyone knew that. It was very embarrassing, because nobody wanted to admit what kind of shit it was, ”he said.

The line comes after the recent announcement that Zack Snyder’s version will hit HBO Max in less than a month. It is worth remembering that the departure of the director of the 2017 film was due to a family tragedy, according to official statements. However, signs already pointed to the studio’s discontent with its original vision to portray the team of superheroes in theaters.

In an interview with the same magazine, he talked about the difficulty at the time of having creative control over the direction of the plot of the film. Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, heads of DC Entertainment, were sent daily to the recording sets to oversee Snyder’s work and ensure that the somber tone was minimized.

“I could say that they were like babysitters. It didn’t bother me too much because they weren’t so threatening. I just felt the ideas they brought, where they tried to inject humor and things like that, it was nothing that was too outrageous, ”he said.

In that context, the studio would have prevented the development of some scenes in the plot, such as a possible romance between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams. In addition, Warner Bros. he forbade the feature to be more than two hours long.

“It was a strange experience. We worked on a project for so long, then we left, and only then can we see what happened to him, ”commented Deborah Snyder, producer and wife of the director. According to Zack Snyder, she watched the version released in theaters alongside Christopher Nolan – responsible for the Dark Knight trilogy – and another member of the production.

“[After the screening] they came to me and said just that: ‘You should never see this film,'” said the director.


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