Justice League: Snyder Cut will be released in 4 hours


The long-awaited version of Zack Snyder for the Justice League will no longer be released as a miniseries in four episodes, as initially announced. According to the filmmaker himself, Snyder Cut is a four-hour film and that’s how it will be made available on HBO Max.

The confirmation came on the social network Vero, where the director was asked by a fan about the format of Snyder Cut. He then stated that the film will be made available in a single content on the streaming platform. Below you can check the screenshot of the conversation.

The Justice League version of Zack Snyder was announced in May 2020, after years of waiting and many requests from fans. The film will show a more complete version of the formation of the DC superhero group, compared to what was seen in theaters in 2017. The film should also mark the director’s farewell to Warner’s hero films.

The Justice League Snyder Cut hits the HBO Max catalog in March 2021.