Justice League: Snyder Cut has global launch confirmed


Days after the Justice League launch trailer, the film’s director revealed that the Snyder Cut will be released globally. Check now how this should be done and which countries will receive the feature directly and in what formats it should be available.

Zack Snyder, who is the director of the film, announced the news on his Twitter. He says that the new version of the Justice League will have simultaneous release worldwide and availability will be according to the sales and streaming platforms in different regions. The launch will be on March 18.

However, some countries still have no date for the debut of the new Justice League feature. This list includes China, France and Japan.

Snyder has previously confirmed that the Justice League Snyder Cut will run for 4 hours and will not be a miniseries and will also have no post-credit scene, which is quite common in Marvel films, Warner’s main competitor when it comes to hero movies.

Finally, it was also said that the feature will be available in the USA on streaming, download, linear display and on-demand platforms. Thus, it may be that some TV channels even make the premiere of the film live.

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