Justice League: Snyder Cut could cost more than $30 million

The Justice League version of Zack Snyder will be released sometime in 2021. Until then, the director will work on finalizing his film, including some new dialogues and the finalization of the special effects. And even if new footage is not in the works, WarnerMedia President and HBO Max Chief Bob Greenblatt confirmed that this post-production is unlikely to exceed $ 30 million.

“It’s not as easy as opening a safe and taking the Snyder Cut over there,” said Greenblatt. “Does not exist. Zack [Snyder] is creating and he is complex. It is an attempt to radically rethink this film and it is complicated and extremely expensive. I’m just going to say that I would like it to be just $ 30 million and stop there. It is a huge and very complex undertaking ”.

What else do we know about the Snyder Cut

Since it was confirmed that Snyder Cut would be released on HBO Max, fans began to question what would be different from what was shown in theaters. Snyder said some time ago that only a quarter of what was shown represents his vision. The Hollywood Reporter also recently announced that the Snyder Cut is approximately four hours long. This means that there is still a lot of new material to be shown.

Of the main news that can be expected, is a possible participation of Darkseid as one of the villains of the film. The filmmaker had previously suggested that the big DC villain would show up in this film, and actor Ray Porter was cast in the role before Snyder left the project. In addition to him, two other characters who may appear on the Snyder Cut are the Mars Hunter and at least one of the Green Lanterns.

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The filmmaker has also made clear his intention to put on Superman wearing his black uniform. The character was expected to appear that way, even after Snyder left, however, in the final version the hero reappears wearing his classic uniform.

There is still an opportunity to see the Terminator winning a few more scenes in this new version. In the movie that was shown in theaters, Slade Wilson appears only in a post-credits scene meeting Lex Luthor. After the Snyder Cut was confirmed, Joe Manganiello posted on Twitter, suggesting that his character might have some encounter with Ben Affleck’s Batman, in a possible connection to the old version of the hero’s solo film. Knowing that this new version of Justice League should not have sequences or connections with the current production of The Batman, it is possible that we see some more scene with the two characters.

There is still no official date for the release of Snyder Cut on HBO Max. Possibly he should receive a trailer in the coming months, but it is too early to know how different it will be from the film that was originally shown. There is still a small possibility that Snyder Cut will hit theaters, for a special screening, however, at the moment, WarnerMedia’s plans are to focus on its new streaming platform, and that is also true for Snyder Cut.

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