Justice League: see where to watch the Snyder Cut online


The long-awaited new version of the movie Justice League, or Snyder Cut, as it is better known, was released today on HBO Max, a streaming platform that should arrive in Brazil only in June this year. But that does not mean that watching Justice League (Snyder Cut) is not possible!

In Brazil, the feature is available for rent on video platforms and pay-TV operators. The rental will be available until April 7 on all platforms. After the date, it will be exclusive to the HBO Max catalog.

The launch is available for up to R $ 49, on the following platforms:

Discount for watching Snyder Cut, new version of Justice League

According to several fans, who are already looking to watch the new version, Google Play is making coupons available for any movie, including the release of DC. With the discount, users will be able to watch the feature for only R $ 3.90.

To access the coupon, simply access the “account” option on Google Play and find the “rewards” tab. Another way to get the discount is to enter the Google Play app, click on the three stripes icon, available in the upper left corner, and look for the Movies and TV option. The coupon will be available until Friday (19).

The film is four hours long and was highly anticipated by DC Comics fans. That’s because the plot brings the original version of director Zack Snyder, with new scenes, characters and even different visual effects.

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