Justice League: Joker look revealed


Vanity Fair magazine released on Tuesday (9), the first images that reveal the look of the Joker, played by actor Jared Leto, in the new Justice League movie.

Unlike Leto’s first appearance as a Joker in Suicide Squad, the new look features the character with longer hair, wearing a surgical mask and a hospital gown. Director Zack Snyder told Vanity Fair that the Joker in the film also wears a bulletproof vest with police badges that represent “his trophies”.

The director explains how the Gotham Clown will appear in the film. “Joker appears during a sequence set on a ruined Earth after the alien Darkseid invades and dominates the planet. It is a sequence of dreams, a psychic vision, lived by Bruce Wayne of Ben Affleck, which reveals what will happen if the superheroes fail to prevent the attack, ”he says.

Snyder also reveals that the character’s appearance will explain a question that many fans raised when watching Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, about why Bruce Wayne had a Joker card stuck to his gun. Theories about the Joker killing his former partner, Robin, have been raised and he confirms that the film will explore the character’s death. New heroes such as the Mars Hunter and Eléktron will also be introduced.

The Justice League Snyder Cut will be released on March 18, on HBO Max. The streaming is not yet available in Brazil and there is no information on how it will be launched in the country.


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