Justice League: How long is Snyder Cut in slow motion?


With the Snyder Cut among us, fans were finally able to see the Justice League as it really was originally conceived. Four hours long, the film featured more scenes than the 2017 movie version, as well as many slow-motion sequences.

But how much did slow motion affect the length of the DC heroes’ film? An IGN team decided to make this count and concluded that 24 minutes and seven seconds of the projection are in slow motion. This may not seem like much for a movie as long as Justice League, but it amounts to 10.35% of the total time – disregarding the credits.

Show the consequences

In early March, Snyder talked to Variety and talked about the opportunity to showcase his work in the Justice League. The filmmaker was also asked about the graphic violence of the film and explained why he thinks it is important to portray it, even in a feature film.

“I always feel that the consequence is important to me, that there are real risks,” said Snyder. “[But] It is still abstract. These warriors are also gods. Which is also part of the question. We cannot really fight them. Humans can’t really fight them. ”

“If you don’t treat real violence like violence,” continued the director, “you’re reducing the stakes at all levels. If the superhero breaks the car, and the whole car explodes, and you see the guy kind of crawling out of the wreckage, you think ‘okay, it’s still PG-13’, the fact that you don’t show blood is a technicality. The violence is still there. I want a true representation of the violence. I don’t want to soften it. “


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